Good Books

Discernment of Spirits
This book by Timothy Gallagher was a great read and helped me learn how to hear the voice of God in the everyday experiences of life.discernment of spirits book small He goes through the 14 rules of discernment put forth by Ignatius and explains them in a modern-day setting. The book begins with a description of the experiences that led to Ignatius developing his rules of discernment and the subsequent chapters focus on each of the rules. This book was invaluable to me as it begins with that most basic of tasks in the spiritual life—being aware of what is going on inside. This was so much more difficult for me than I thought it would be! It involved being more proactively silent; to quiet the noise of all that is around me so I can focus on what is going on inside. Only then can we begin to understand the “why” and discern whether it is the voice of the Holy Spirit or not. I will definitely keep this volume handy!


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