Eyewitnesses to the Stations of the Cross: Part 6

CrossThis is the sixth in the series of reflections on the stations of the cross.

I began to wonder about the wide-range of emotion among those who experienced the stations of the cross first-hand. I wrote this version of the Stations of the Cross to reflect these conflicting feelings. It was originally set as a play and is out of my own imagination. It is not meant to be historically accurate. It is meant to put us into the events of that day, for Jesus’ Passion is our story, too.

Each day through Good Friday I will post another “eye-witness” account. As you read, put yourself in the story and compare your own reactions, motivations, hopes and fears with the character’s. I invite you to reflect with me:

We had been at Golgotha all morning preparing the site for the execution. The Jews look at us as though we enjoy our work. I don’t.

But what am I to do? My superior will just as readily execute me than this man, Jesus. So, we did our work. We did what we had to do.

After stretching His arms out on the cross, it was my job to take the nail, press it into His flesh and pound. You never get over the sound and feel of bone crushing.

He screamed…

They all scream.

Though His words were different, and I’ll never forget them. Unlike the others who beg for it to stop, or curse the soldiers, Jesus cried out to “ABBA” His Father. He asked him to forgive them, that they didn’t know that they were doing.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I didn’t know what was going on.

Several hours later Jesus finally looked to be at the end. Good. As High Priest, I have other functions that I need to attend to. Today is the preparation day for the Sabbath, after all!

I strode over to Jesus and the soldiers made no attempt to prevent me from going right up to His feet. As the High Priest, it is my job to protect God’s chosen people from blasphemers, impostors like this Jesus.

I said to Him, “You said that You would tear down the Temple and in three days rebuild it. Then come down off that cross if you can!”

As I walked away, He surprised even me. He said, “Father forgive them. They know not what they do.”

There have been others before him, but Jesus seems different. Then, He said, “My God, my God. Why have you abandoned me?”


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