Waffles and New Year’s Resolutions


I have two children, ages 9 and 6.  Just like parents around the world, there are the daily routines of getting them out of bed and ready for school in the morning.  My kids are fairly good about getting out of bed; they stretch, wipe the sleep from their eyes and stagger down the stairs for breakfast, hoping that it will be waffles – their favorite!

When I went to my daughter’s room recently she said, “Daddy!” in surprise as she was not expecting to see me until that evening.  She got up and started her normal morning routine.

“You know the time; it is the hour now for you to awake from sleep”  Romans 13:11

When I went to her brother’s room, however, the scenario was a little different.  He was sound asleep, and very peaceful.  I hesitated before I quietly walked over and bent over to whisper near his ear, “It’s time to wake up.”  His eyes flickered with recognition and then promptly closed; he was very tired! So, I whispered again, “Son, it’s time to wake up.”  This time he replied groggily, “okay.”  But his eyes still remained closed.  Realizing that I really needed him to be out of bed and at the breakfast table, I said to him, “Should Daddy carry you downstairs?”  His only response was to slowly shake his head.  I picked him up (he felt like a wet noodle) and he laid his head on my shoulder.  It was one of those moments that as a parent I savored and stored up in my memory-banks for when he is 25.  Once I brought him down, I asked him if I should put him in his chair and he slowly opened his eyes and said, “yes.”  Once in place, he yawned and fully initiated the day by asking, “are we having waffles?”

Paul writes to the Romans, “you know the time; it is the hour now for you to awake from sleep” (Romans 13:11) — a reading we heard this past Advent.  As we begin the New Year, we know that it is a time to reflect on our lives and to make some changes in living out our faith, among other things!  But often times, like my son, we are a little groggy as we “wake up.”  We make heartfelt resolutions, but don’t have the specifics that will truly effect change.  Thankfully God does not simply toss out the words, “it’s time to wake up” and then leave us to fend for ourselves.  Rather, He is right beside us waiting for us to ask for his help.  We can ask Him to carry us, saying, “Lord, I want to wake up, to better follow you.  But I don’t know where to start or how to go about doing it.  Please help me.”  Our Father rejoices with our desire and our prayers!  And what a feast awaits us – the “True Bread” from heaven!  This, I assure you is much better than waffles!


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